The export of Ukrainian chicken has grown 50 times in 4 years

The export of Ukrainian chicken has grown 50 times in 4 years

At the moment, Ukraine ranks first in the world in terms of growth rates of exports of fresh chicken, reports Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine – CCI Ukraine (

In just 5 years, the country has increased the volume of foreign sales of poultry meat 51 times. The sharp increase in exports of this product began in 2014.

An example of Ukraine is unprecedented, since Poland, which ranks second in the world in terms of growth rates, has, since 2014, increased the export of fresh chicken by less than twice – by 95.5%. In third place – Austria, this country has increased overseas sales of poultry by 41.5%. China from 2014 to 2018 has expanded the volume of chicken exports by 37%.

Ukraine is also one of the leaders in overseas sales of frozen chicken. Since 2014, the volume of exports of this product has grown by 33.6%. In this position, our country ranks fourth in the world, and the leader is Thailand, where the growth of volumes of foreign sales of frozen chicken was 67.5%.

Given the market situation, it can be argued that Ukraine will continue to increase exports of poultry meat. So, the largest domestic chicken producer, M.Hliboproduct, in the first quarter of 2019, exported 47% more poultry than during the same period last year.


Poultry meat exports from Ukraine in the first quarter of 2019 accounted for 103.6 thou. tons. The chicken meat supplied is worth USD 146.9 million, 1.4x more from the corresponding period of 2018 (74.7 thou. tons, USD 111.95 million).

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFSU) informs that the key importers in the indicated period are as follows:

  1.     Saudi Arabia — 28.2 thou. tons for the amount of USD 39.9 million (27.2 per cent);
  2.     Netherlands — 17.1 thou. tons, USD 24.2 million (16.5 per cent);
  3.     Slovakia — 9.9 thou. tons, USD 14.1 million (9.7 per cent);
  4.     others — 48.2 thou. tons, USD 68.4 million (46.6 per cent).

The US experts compiled a rating of major world chicken meat exporters where Ukraine holds the 6th position. Brazil tops the rating.

By the end of 2019, the country is expected to increase chicken exports by 2.4 per cent to 3.8 million tons.




  • Weight Range: 53-63 gr per piece
  • Quantity: 1-3 FCL per week / 1200 cartons each
  • Packing: 30 eggs in tray / 12 trays in box (360 in box)
  • Origin: Ukraine

Approved for: Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Pakistan, Bahrain, Oman, Liberia, Sierra Leone and others.

Loading: 1 week after payment

Price per BOX:

  • White  eggs  20 USD FCA Ukraine
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The export of Ukrainian chicken has grown 50 times in 4 years


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Dear workers of agriculture!

Dear workers of agriculture!

We sincerely congratulate you on a professional holiday!

From year to year, the Ukrainian agrarian sector demonstrates high national and world achievements, which would undoubtedly be impossible without the persevering and selfless work of every agrarian country.

The 2018/2019 season, with its difficult weather conditions, has become a real challenge for farmers. But as the preliminary results show, thanks to a well-informed decision, many years of experience and professionalism of our agrarians, we managed not only to retain the previous positions, but also to achieve new impressive results.

The increase in the volume of agricultural production is combined with increasing competitiveness on the world market. Already today, Ukraine holds top positions in the production of cereals and oilseeds in the world, is gaining new markets, confirming the reputation of a strong and reliable partner. Ukrainian agricultural products are supplied in over 190 countries, which is evidence of its high quality and rich assortment.

All macroeconomic victories are the daily achievements of over three million Ukrainians involved in the agrarian sector. Each of you is a great thank you and wishes for new successes.

Happy Holidays! Strong health, inspiration, peace and harmony!


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