Ukraine increased exports of poultry meat and by-products

In January-August 2019, Ukraine increased exports of poultry meat and by-products by 28.4% to 275.5 thousand tons, in monetary terms exports of these products increased by 20.4% – to $ 401.8 million.

This is evidenced by the data of the State Fiscal Service.

At the same time, imports of poultry and by-products for the eight months of 2019 declined 4.4% to 82.2 thousand tons, in monetary terms – by 3.7% to $ 32.9 million.

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The international trade of UKRAINE FOR 10 MONTHS OF 2019


This is the data of the customs of Ukraine top 5 goods of export goods of Ukraine

1. Corn – 9.72% of total exports of goods from Ukraine

2. Sunflower oil – 8.14%

3. Wheat – 7.29%

4. Iron ore – 7.15 %

5. Semi-finished steel products – 6.04% .

And now the most secret. .

Who is the main buyer of Ukrainian corn exports:

The main buyers are Egypt, China and Holland (but Holland is an offshore scheme)/

Sunflower oil:

Everything is just India, it always buys sunflower oil most of all from us.

China, this is a new market for us. And offshore Holland.

Wheat: The main buyers, again Egypt, and then Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Iron ore: China, this is our main buyer of iron ore for years.

And now new buyers of Poland and the Czech Republic. .
Semi-finished steel products: Italy used to buy from us, Egypt also often buys from Turkey, which always bought this product from us.

This is the real export of Ukraine.

As you can see, the main buyers of our products are Asia and Egypt.

Although there are buyers in the EU.

But in fact there are no buyers from Russia.

Here, even Ukraine is a competitor to Russia in the global wheat market.

And the corn of Ukraine competes from the United States.